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uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

uPVC bi-fold doors consist of a multi-leafed door design that folds neatly away upon opening, allowing you to enjoy a completely seamless connection to your garden or property interior. They stand as a truly modern choice for any home.

All of our uPVC bi-fold doors operate on a high performance rolling system, that allows for complete ease of use. This innovative system effectively offsets the weight of the sash, meaning you won’t have to struggle when opening the door.

All of our uPVC bi-fold doors feature the unrivalled uPVC profile from Liniar. This door system is 100% recyclable and 100% lead-free, meaning you can enjoy leading standards of heat retention, security and durability with peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

The seamless connection inherent to the bi-fold door design can be further enhanced with ultra-low thresholds, which allows for easy accessibility for both wheelchair and pushchair users. This means that all friends and families can benefit.

With the 90% of the door aperture becoming free once our bi-fold doors are fully opened, you’ll be able to enjoy completely unrestricted views and unobstructed ventilation. This means that you’ll be able to bring a bright and spacious feel to any room.

Our bi-fold doors can be expertly tailored to match the style and space of your home, meaning your doors are sure to fit perfectly. This not only guarantees that your home aesthetic will be maintained, it will also ensure your doors perform as they are designed to do.

All the intelligently designed hardware is intelligently concealed into the frame to maintain a clean and crisp finish. This also has a security benefit, as concealed locking systems and hinges are incredibly difficult to reach to use as a leverage point.

uPVC is an inherently low maintenance material, meaning it requires very little upkeep in order to maintain a clean and crisp appearance. All you will need to do is wipe the doors down with a damp cloth to maintain an ‘as new’ look.

These uPVC bi-fold doors are manufactured using an inherently strong and secure uPVC profile, allowing them to offer impressive home security from the ground up. This factor is then enhanced with high security, multi-point locking systems to maintain a consistent standard.

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Getting the Right uPVC Bi-Fold Doors for You

Choosing the right doors for your property can be the difference between making a house a home, which is why we strive to make things as easy as possible for you. This includes a comprehensive choice of panel count, colours, handles, hinges, glazing styles and hardware options.

All of our uPVC bi-fold doors can be tailored to suit a wide range of properties, including modern, traditional and contemporary alike. This means that our doors are sure to be the ideal addition to your home, enhancing both performance and appearance throughout.

We also offer a wide range of high quality woodgrain foils that enable you to capture a beautiful timber appearance without having to worry about warping, rotting or discolouring over time or exposure to the elements, even during adverse weather.

High Performance uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

All of our uPVC bi-fold doors achieve market-leading standards of heat retention, security and durability. This is made possible by the intelligently designed uPVC profile from Liniar, which comprises of a 100% recyclable and 100% lead-free build.

This profile features a multi-chamber design which works to trap in pockets of warm air, achieving an impressive ‘A+12’ Window Energy Rating to notably increase the potential for a warmer and more comfortable home throughout even the coldest months.

We install the innovative ‘ModLok‘ system into all of our bi-fold doors, which features an intelligently designed exo-skeletal system to ensure the master door will open first to prevent any lock strain. This lock features three opposing hooks and two shootbolts built into every master door and two anti-lift shootbolts on every slave door.

Expertly Fitted uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

To ensure your new doors perform as designed, we will ensure they are installed to the highest standards. All of our installations draw upon years of experience, allowing us to operate to the upmost degree of professionalism and efficiency.

Our team of installation experts have worked on a wide array of projects, always working to an exceptional degree of respect and courteousy for your home and time. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a service that minimises overall disruption to your daily life.

We also operate in full compliance with all current health and safety and building regulation standards, giving you the peace of mind that your bi-fold door installation is being carried out in a safe and efficient manner every step of the way.

uPVC Bi-Fold Door Colour Options
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White Bi-Fold Doors
Cream Bi-Fold Doors
Chartwell Green Bi-Fold Doors
Anthracite Grey Bi-Fold Doors
Black Bi-Fold Doors
Irish oak Bi-Fold Doors
English Oak Bi-Fold Doors
Golden Oak Bi-Fold Doors
Mahogany Bi-Fold Doors
Rosewood Bi-Fold Doors
Chartwell Green
Anthracite Grey
Irish oak Bi-Fold Doors
Irish Oak
English Oak Bi-Fold Doors
English oak
Golden Oak Bi-Fold Doors
Golden Oak
Mahogany Bi-Fold Doors
Rosewood Bi-Fold Doors
Liniar Multi Chambered Profile

Multiple Chambers

The Liniar profile features intelligently designed chambers that work to trap in pockets of warm air. This is made possible by breaking up mini-convection currents to ensure your home remains comfortable.

Internal Structures

Internal Structures

To secure an inherent degree of impressive robustness and rigidity, all Liniar profiles feature high performance internal structures to increase the degree of security that they offer for your peace of mind.

Unique Gaskets

Unique Gaskets

High performance weather seal gaskets are installed to ensure your home remains draught and water-ingress free. These gaskets feature a double action 'bubble' design to ensure a tight seal is always maintained.

Manufactured in the UK

Premium Materials Manufactured in the UK

All Liniar profiles are manufactured using premium grade uPVC, allowing them to achieve an outstanding level of structural integrity. This means that they achieve an impressive lifespan, even after extensive use.

Drainage Contours

Drainage Contours

Specially designed drainage contours are integrated into the profile design to maximise natural drainage. This ensures any moisture-build up is prevented and your home remains fully protected from the elements.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Due to the inherent qualities of uPVC, all Liniar products require very minimal upkeep to maintain their outstanding appearance. This means that they will offer an 'as new' appearance even after exposure to the elements.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Prices

Our online quoting engine offers an easy step by step process to get a free, instant and highly competitive uPVC bi-fold doors quote. You’ll be able to get a price that is tailored to your exact specifications, which means it will be as cost-effective as possible.

You can also get in touch with us via our online contact form should you have any questions regarding our uPVC bi-fold doors or any of our other high quality services. We look forward to helping you find your ideal home improvement solution.

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