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Composite doors are a modern door design, combining a range of premium materials to produce a door design to offers the benefits of each. These doors comprise of uPVC, timber, carbon fibre and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to excel across the board. These doors are intelligently designed to emulate the appearance of traditional wooden doors, finished with a high quality, scratch resistant woodgrain foil. You’ll be able to bring a classic charm to your home without having to worry about being out of date.

uPVC doors are a classic home improvement solution, offering practicality and reliability throughout. Our high performance doors draw upon these core principles, updating the traditional design to reflect modern standards. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality uPVC doors, allowing you to find the perfect style for your home quickly and easily. They promise to offer a striking and convenient focal point for your property, no matter your tastes or budget.

Our high quality uPVC patio doors comprise of an innovative, multi-wheeled system that allows you to bring more space to your living area. These doors do not require a swing space, which means they can be effectively installed into a wide variety of room sizes. They also feature a generous glazing area that allows natural light to flood into your home, bringing a bright and spacious feel to any room in which they are installed. This feature will also allow you to enjoy increased views as a result.