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Orangeries in Hitchin

If you are looking to have a house extension installed on your property in Hitchin, but don’t want to fork out tens of thousands of pounds for one, then orangeries may be your best bet. Whilst conservatories are very popular and highly affordable, their uPVC frames are far easier to lose heat through and aren’t as secure as a brick-based structure. Orangeries, on the other hand, take the best features of both a conservatory and an extension and merges them together into an affordable yet still highly luxury 17th century style expansion for your property.

Here at Kingsbourne Windows and Doors we have decades of collective experience in the home improvement installation field, with a wealth of knowledge about the designing and installation work required for a high-quality orangery for properties in Hitchin. The orangeries we provide are long-lasting, hard-waring and can last for almost as long as your pre-existing property with very minimal upkeep required. Should you ever choose to sell your property on, they also add to the desirability and overall value of your property, making it easier to sell and for a somewhat higher price. Every home is different, as is every orangery, and we make sure that each and every one we install is perfectly suited to your property and your personal taste.

We use premium grade uPVC materials for all of your installations, with increased levels of security and insulation, saving you money on your heating bills, decreasing your carbon footprint and allowing you to feel safe and secure within your home. Our orangeries are built with weather-proofing technology as standard, meaning that wherever you live and whatever the weather throws your way, your orangery will be standing proud and unweathered for years to come.

We work using the market-leading Liniar profile, creating orangeries that are both long lasting and cost effective, making it an invaluable investment in your home.

Kingsbourne Orangeries Features and Benefits

The orangeries that we provide are quick and easy to install, taking only a matter of months to fully build and are guaranteed to last for years on end. Our team are available throughout your installation work to answer any questions you may have.

Because of their brick-based structure and high-performance double glazing, our orangeries provide an exceptional level of insulation, allowing you to enjoy your extension all year round whilst also helping to lower your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

While conservatories can require additional upkeep over the years to keep its appearance fresh and high performance, orangeries don’t need to have extensive work to keep it up to date. In fact, they require little to no maintenance for years on end, with the occasional window clean to keep your unobstructed views.

Because they are made from brick more than uPVC and double glazing, orangeries are far more secure against unwanted intruders, as well as allowing for more privacy. Conservatories, being made of all windows, can make you feel exposed, but with orangeries you can have outstanding views without feeling as if you need to compromise your sense of safety.

With high-security locking mechanisms on all of the windows and doors in your orangery extension, you can be ensured of your safety, as well as the security of your family and personal possessions.

Roofs can make or break an extension, so we provide a range of different designs, styles and materials to ensure that you get the best one for your property. From tiled to uPVC, aluminium lantern to solid roofs, you can be sure of both light and security for your home.


Personalized Orangeries for your Hitchin Home

Everyone’s home is different, with different colours and furnishings that match with your personal taste, so why should an extension be any different?

With a vast array of different designs, styles, materials, colours, features and sizes, you can tailor your orangery design to perfectly suit both the outside appearance of your home, and compliment your own interior style. We can advise you every step of the way about appearance, efficiency and how to remain within your budget and your time frame.

All of our orangery designs are also available to come with different glazing styles and hardware to add that personalized finishing touch to your installation and really make it your own.

Top Quality Orangeries in Hitchin

Our orangeries are manufactured using the profile from the market leading Liniar product range. Intelligently designed to have multiple chambers in the frames, premium grade uPVC and highly secure locking systems, these units can ensure you of the safety and security of your home and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your new extension worry-free.

Fitted with a Yale locking system, they carry a comprehensive 10 year guarantee. We also offer a lifetime, £1,000 security guarantee for home insurance excess, repairs, replacements and compensation.

Professionally Installed Orangeries in Hitchin

Our installers and team members draw from a wealth of knowledge from decades of collective experience in the home improvement installation industry, making sure that every orangery we install meets the highest possible standards. Our service is fast, professional and efficient, allowing you to start enjoying your installation as soon as possible.

We treat every installation with the upmost importance, as we know that your home improvement installation is the most important thing to you; so we take care to give you the smoothest and most efficient service possible, with minimal disruption to your routine and daily life.

We work in full compliance with all health and safety and building regulation standards, giving you the peace of mind that all work performed on your property is being done in a safe and professional manner.

Liniar Multi Chambered Profile

Multiple Chambers

The Liniar profile features intelligently designed chambers that work to trap in pockets of warm air. This is made possible by breaking up mini-convection currents to ensure your home remains comfortable.

Internal Structures

Internal Structures

To secure an inherent degree of impressive robustness and rigidity, all Liniar profiles feature high performance internal structures to increase the degree of security that they offer for your peace of mind.

Unique Gaskets

Unique Gaskets

High performance weather seal gaskets are installed to ensure your home remains draught and water-ingress free. These gaskets feature a double action 'bubble' design to ensure a tight seal is always maintained.

Manufactured in the UK

Premium Materials Manufactured in the UK

All Liniar profiles are manufactured using premium grade uPVC, allowing them to achieve an outstanding level of structural integrity. This means that they achieve an impressive lifespan, even after extensive use.

Drainage Contours

Drainage Contours

Specially designed drainage contours are integrated into the profile design to maximise natural drainage. This ensures any moisture-build up is prevented and your home remains fully protected from the elements.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Due to the inherent qualities of uPVC, all Liniar products require very minimal upkeep to maintain their outstanding appearance. This means that they will offer an 'as new' appearance even after exposure to the elements.

Prices for Hitchin Orangeries

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If you would rather speak to us in person, of would simply like to ask us some questions about your installation and our orangeries, you can get into contact with us through our online contact form, call us on 01582 505431 or email

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