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uPVC Flush Sash Windows That Look Like Timber

If you’re looking for a traditional double glazing solution for your home improvement project in Dunstable, but have decided against wooden flush sash windows, take a closer look at our uPVC Liniar alternative –  which sits in line with the frame and exhibits a seamless finish.

We chose Liniar as our uPVC flush sash windows partner – because of its strong reputation in the marketplace and the sheer quality of its product range. Your home in Dunstable will benefit from a window profile that is strong and secure, thermally efficient and visually outstanding.

Whether you own a new-build property or a traditional residence in the country, our uPVC flush sash windows can be customised using a series of colours, foils and accessories. You can also choose your preferred glazing and security hardware to further enhance performance.

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Features & Benefits

Equivalent timber products might look stunning, but can they match the ‘A+12’ performance of our uPVC flush sash windows and reward you with a lower overall U-value?

Choose Kingsbourne as your installer in Dunstable and you’ll be able to enjoy double glazing that requires virtually no maintenance and which won’t deteriorate or rot over time.

It’s the hand-finished design of our uPVC flush casement windows that makes them stand out from the crowd. Our Liniar products are carefully quality checked to ensure excellence.

Rest assured that our attractive double glazing is inherently strong and fitted with a dependable multipoint locking mechanism that will deter almost any intruder seeking illegal access.

Keep the cold air and rain outside where it belongs. Your uPVC flush casement windows will feature high-quality weather seals that’ll keep your home in Dunstable warm and cosy 24/7.

Your newly-installed double glazing will carefully copy the look of timber joinery. This means that no part of your window frame will stick out, resulting in a more streamlined appearance.

traditional upvc windows Dunstable

Fully Customised uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Enhance the design of your installation by choosing from our broad and attractive handle range, colour and foil options, hardware and glass. You’ll have so much to choose from, you’ll need to ask an experienced member of our team to help you make your selection.

The range of shades that we offer are designed not to fade over time. This means that your uPVC flush sash windows will maintain their eye-catching aesthetics long in the future, converting your purchase into an investment that will add real market appeal.

Whatever enhancements you choose to complete the appearance and performance, rest-assured that you’ll benefit from industry-leading quality. You can buy with peace of mind when you choose Kingsbourne as your preferred installer in  Dunstable.

>Liniar uPVC Flush Sash Windows: The Secure Option

Home security is of paramount importance to you. You want to reduce as far as possible the risk of an intruder gaining access to your property in Dunstable – and that’s why you’re taking your time to research the best uPVC flush sash windows on the market.

To enable you to buy double glazing from us with confidence, we have decided to use Yale locking systems with all of our uPVC flush sash windows. Yale even offer a dependable 10-year guarantee that covers hardware and a lifetime security guarantee of £1,000.

Our Liniar flush sash windows also meet in full the requirements needed to achieve Secured By Design status and to be awarded BS EN ISO 9001: 2009 standards. You can rest assured that your windows will meet an extremely high standard and protect your Dunstable home.

>Perfectly Fitted By The Kingsbourne Team At Your Home

The high quality of our uPVC flush sash windows is supported by an equally high quality of service. We will consult closely with you at the start to identify your requirements and confirm the final design with you before proceeding. At all stages of the process, we’ll keep you informed.

Your made-to-measure windows will be fitted to perfection and look and perform exactly as you wanted them to. Kingsbourne has extensive experience of helping homeowners in Dunstable and the surrounding areas with their home improvement needs, so you’ll be in safe hands.

uPVC Flush Sash Window Colour Options
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White Flush Sash Window
Cream Flush Sash Window
Chartwell Green Flush Sash Window
Anthracite Grey
Black Flush Sash Window
Irish Oak Flush Sash Window
English oak Flush Sash Window
Golden Oak Flush Sash Window
Mahogany Flush Sash Window
Rosewood Flush Sash Window
Chartwell Green
Anthracite Grey
Irish Oak Flush Sash Window
Irish Oak
English oak Flush Sash Window
English Oak
Golden Oak Flush Sash Window
Golden Oak
Mahogany Flush Sash Window
Rosewood Flush Sash Window
Liniar Multi Chambered Profile

Multiple Chambers

The Liniar profile features intelligently designed chambers that work to trap in pockets of warm air. This is made possible by breaking up mini-convection currents to ensure your home remains comfortable.

Internal Structures

Internal Structures

To secure an inherent degree of impressive robustness and rigidity, all Liniar profiles feature high performance internal structures to increase the degree of security that they offer for your peace of mind.

Unique Gaskets

Unique Gaskets

High performance weather seal gaskets are installed to ensure your home remains draught and water-ingress free. These gaskets feature a double action 'bubble' design to ensure a tight seal is always maintained.

Manufactured in the UK

Premium Materials Manufactured in the UK

All Liniar profiles are manufactured using premium grade uPVC, allowing them to achieve an outstanding level of structural integrity. This means that they achieve an impressive lifespan, even after extensive use.

Drainage Contours

Drainage Contours

Specially designed drainage contours are integrated into the profile design to maximise natural drainage. This ensures any moisture-build up is prevented and your home remains fully protected from the elements.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Due to the inherent qualities of uPVC, all Liniar products require very minimal upkeep to maintain their outstanding appearance. This means that they will offer an 'as new' appearance even after exposure to the elements.

uPVC Flush Sash Windows Prices, Dunstable and the Surrounding Areas

Find your perfect window by using our design tool to explore different options and get a quote within a matter of minutes. Call us directly on 01582 505431 to ask us a question about our Liniar windows, get prices or book an appointment for us to visit you.


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